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    Best Christmas Gift for Videophiles

    If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a Videographer or a Photographer, you may wanna look at the Trexo Wheels.

    Either you are looking gift for a professional or an enthusiast this nifty equipment will make them smile when they open the box.

    Programmable linear and circular movements will definitely open a new door into high quality videos for every kind and scale of video content creators.

    Dolly In/Out Shots and Slide shot at it’s best. Easy to program any slide or dolly in/out shots just with few clicks on the dedicated intuitive smartphone app and your are ready to go.

    Majestic circular movements, for perfect product shots. You can either use circular mode for product photography, product videography with the included turntable kit or for the stunning b-roll shots like interviews.

    And of course timelapse shots you can convert any linear or circular movement to timelapse in an instant. Just set a few parameters and have easiest timelapse ever.

    You have to try the learning mode as well, having a moving image has never been that easy, and the best part you don’t even need your phone to make those movements. Double click to Trexo Wheels capacitive buttons and teach the system the movement. Trexo Wheels return to it’s initial position automatically and repeats the movement at it’s best.

    We leave the best for the last! With camera path you can program complex and multi point movements easily with the camera path by using the image processing technology.

    Take a photo of the Trexo Wheels while placed on the launch pad, draw your path by using line and arc tools and press play. Complex routes become easy to program.

    Introducing Trexo Wheels – A Tiny Tabletop Dolly with Motion Control Built-in

    What is a common filmmaker’s dream? A device which does it all – which is tiny, compact, capable. Quick setup time, long battery life, the opposite of a one-trick-pony. That’s a lot to ask for, but maybe the Trexo Wheels tabletop dolly / motion control system is here to tick quite a few boxes.

    Trexo Wheels is a motorized tabletop dolly for smartphones or DSLRs / mirrorless cameras up to 5.9 lbs (2,7 kg). But it’s not only a dolly, it’s a motion control device with some app-driven magic applied to it. You can perform time-lapse moves, circle around objects, even draw a desired path onto a photo you snapped with your phone and Trexo Wheels will follow that path. The only thing you need is a flat surface.

    Our own Johnnie Behiri conducted an interview with Trexo’s Orkun Kilinç and it complements the existing Kickstarter campaign video nicely, which you can watch here:

    Trexo Wheels is in its final stages of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, and if you want to get one early, head over to Kickstarter.com before the campaign ends on October 8th. But fear not, the Trexo Wheels will also be available for purchase via the Trexo Innovation website and for normal retail in early December this year.

    We had a similar (not too similar actually) device here on CineD before: The Rollocam Hercules. The shape and overall appearance reminded me of the Trexo Wheels, although the Trexo is quite a bit bigger and heavier (2.43 lbs /1,1kg). I personally owned the Hercules and I must say, I wasn’t impressed, but to be fair: the Trexo seems to be a very different beast and it’s the form factor that made me buy the original Rollocam Hercules in the first place. So I hope that Trexo Wheels is a lot further up the (r)evolutionary ladder, and I am very curious to try it out for myself.

    Trexo have a background in much higher-end motion control gear such as a fully rigged buggy, so the Trexo Wheels inherits quite a bit of engineering know-how, and the only thing that must stand the test is the app. Once you have an app, it has to perform flawlessly, otherwise the whole thing isn’t worth much. Luckily, the Trexo Wheels also offers a stand-alone mode, yet for more sophisticated moves, you’ll need the app.

    We’ll see how well the Trexo Wheels performs in real life. For me, the form factor, the versatility and the potential seem to be great. If this product holds up to its promises, it might be a very decent tool to have with you at all times. And that’s the point: the best tool you have is the one you have with you. Plus this one offers quite a bit: a tabletop dolly, motion control, time lapse and even a turntable for product shots, all in one bag.

    Trexo Wheels is available on Kickstarter (remember, that is not a shop!), after that you can pre-order it on the Trexo website for US$499. The official retail price will be US$699 and shipping should start in early December this year.

    If you want to dig deeper, check out the full manual for your reading pleasure.

    Links: Trexo Website | Kickstarter.com


    Trexo Wheels Robotic Dolly Open Box and Hands On

    We just got our hands on the new Trexo wheels which is currently raising money on Kickstarter. This is not going to be a full review – this will take some time as we are still learning how to use this nifty little robot and there might also be some important firmware and app updates until the product will start shipping to users in late 2020, but we did want to show you a look at what you will be getting in the box plus a quick demonstration of some of the features of this unit.

    In the box you will find a nice hard case, in it, you will get TREXO wheels launch pad black and white turntable plate that will also let you use the TREXO wheels as a motorized pan head, smartphone clamp, and a small arm with a tiny ballhead and finally the TREXO wheels itself with a USB-C to USB-A cable for charging (you should also be able to get a special cable for controlling your camera although it didn’t come with our review sample).

    So what can you do with the Trexo wheels? well, after you turn it on by opening the unit you can let it move in a straight line forward or back, move in a circle around a product all relatively simply from the unit itself by moving it with your hand or controlling it with the app. Using the app, which by the way connected immediately with no action necessary on our part (and stayed connected even after restarting the phone or unit) lets you do some more complex moves directly from your smartphone.

    One interesting feature has to do with the TREXO wheels launch pad. You basically put it next to the TREXO wheels take a picture with the app and tell the unit where and how to move and it does that.

    Based on our very brief experience with the unit we suggest that you start by using the Trexo wheels on the floor before you move over to a table just to be on the safe side. We are still learning how to use the unit (there is a learning curve), reading the manual, and talking to the company to understand some things and we hope to bring you a more comprehensive review later on but even at this early stage, we can say that the unit certainly has a lot of potential especially for product and food videography which is the main reason why we are so interested in it although in the right hands it can be useful for other things as well.

    The TREXO Wheels with its app


    Adidas Advertising Behind the Scenes

    As Trexo Innovation Team, we attended to the Adidas Commercial Film for the 42nd Istanbul Marathon. On this commercial film set we became a part of a very talented team. All the shots are very well-design by the Director (Burak Günaydın), DoP (Joshua C. Fry) and the Visual Effects Team of Bando Post Production (Taner Sarf, Cem Karaman).

    Trexo MoCo Car, Trexo Maxima Gimbal and MRMC Bolt are used as Motion Control Rigs. Trexo MoCo Car and Trexo Maxima Gimbal are used with the ARRI Alexa Mini with Prime Lenses. With the help of the Motion Control Feature of the Trexo MoCo Car, shots had taken on the rails for frame perfect results. Every single shot had been taken with plate versions, and 3D materials are added in the post-production afterwards for mind-blowing results.


    Mococar in Innovation Week

    As Trexo Innovation Team, we attended to the Innovation Week Turkey and support the production team with the moving images of the Trexo MoCo Car and Award Winning Trexo ARC Gimbal. We operated the Trexo MoCo Car on the Stage for a new perspective and provide the signal to the Live-Broadcast Team with the Wireless Transmitters for Projection Screens.

    After visiting the stage, we drove among the visitors of the organization, to get amazing moving shots. Trexo MoCo Car proved it’s power, that it’s a great tools which elevate the production quality also for the event videos and live-broadcast cases.