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Trexo Innovation was granted the Red-Dot Product Design Award, one of the world’s most prestigious awards on product design, this year with their first ever product Trexo Arc Gimbal, at the “Red Dot Design Award 2017” ceremony held at Essen, Germany. Brothers, with two engineers and one designer between them, have achieved international success with the gimbal created as a result of hard work lasting over two years.

Tech Specs

Trexo Arc

Accessory Ports

1x 3/8″- 16 / 1x 1/4″- 8


14.8V 3400 mAh Li-on


2×4 kg/cm (pitch & roll)

1×6 kg/cm (yaw)


Aluminium Chasis Carbon Fiber Handles


6 kg / 13,2 Ibs


3,5 kg /7,7 Ibs


61cm x 53cm x 30cm

Hard Case


ABS Plastic

Shell Thickness


Inner Coating

Velvet Coated Plastic

Net Weight

6kg / 13.2lbs

Included Hardcase
It’s easy, secure and comfortable to carry the whole system in one piece with the spill and shock proof included hardcase. With specially designed hardcase you can store your camera and lens mounted on your gimbal without changing the balance of the system. Save time on the set and focus on the content.
Included joystick can be mounted on right, left or top handle with respect to users choice which makes Trexo ARC Gimbal a perfect solution for single operator usage.
Stronger Yaw Motor
Yaw motor is the main motor which carries the whole weight, is designed 3 times stronger than regular motors for more stabilization in challenging scenarios.
Built-in Encoders
With built-in encoders, Trexo ARC Gimbal is energy efficient which can be operated 10 hours with a single battery.
Accessory Port
Trexo ARC Gimbal has built-in 2x 1/4”-20 and 2x 3/8”-16 accessory ports to mount different production accessories such as monitors, wireless transmitters, led lights and microphones.


Unleash your full potential by personalize your workflow with the Trexo Products. Having your Trexo Gimbal with fully controllable Remote Control & Follow Focus with a World’s first Motion Control equipped Gimbal Car will elevate the production quality to maximum.

Trexo Remote Controller

Trexo Mococar

Trexo Follow Focus