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Easy connection

You can mount your gimbal easily to Elevation Module with the help of the Trexo EasyConnect, it’s ideal for fast switching setup without compromising.

Tech Specs

Capacty of Load

30 Kg


48cm x 10cm x 77cm-161cm (without gimbal)


8 Kg

Variable Speed Control

Up to 50mm/sec


Iron Steel with Black Paint

Rise your camera
Control the height of your camera remote while using the Trexo MoCo Car. You can change the camera height from 130cm to 190cm remotely with the remote control of Trexo MoCo Car for different camera angles.


Unleash your full potential by personalize your workflow with the Trexo Products. Having your Trexo Gimbal with fully controllable Remote Control & Follow Focus with a World’s first Motion Control equipped Gimbal Car will elevate the production quality to maximum.