3400 mAh Battery
Up to 10 Hours Run Time
Face Tracking
Included Hardcase
Up to 6Kg Pay Load
Timelapse Video
32 Bit Microprocessor
360 Degree Rotation
Upside-Down Stand

No More Setup Preparation

You can start shooting with Trexo Arc within seconds without struggling connecting any parts.

Just place the Trexo Arc on it’s stand and power up the system.

Trexo Arc is ready just in 20 seconds!

Ready to shoot right out of the box!

Included Hardcase

Trexo Arc comes ready to use in it’s included hardcase. You can mount your camera to Trexo Arc and store the whole system inside the robust and shock resistant hardcase. Spill and lightrain resistant hardcase has also durable and ultra silent wheels.

Spill & Light Rain Proof
Ultra Slient Wheels
Hard Shell Case
Tech Specs
Trexo Arc with Hardcase
Accessory Ports 1x 3/8"- 16 / 1x 1/4"- 8
Battery 14.8V 3400 mAh Li-on
Motors 2x4 kg/cm (pitch & roll) / 1x6 kg/cm (yaw)
Materials Aluminium Chasis Carbon Fiber Handles
Playload 6 kg / 13,2 Ibs
Weight 3,5 kg /7,7 Ibs
Size Size (L x W xH)
Capacity 3400 mAh
Voltage 14.8 V
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Weight 350gr / 0,77lbs
Protection Over Charge & Short Circuit
Hard Case
Materials ABS Plastic
Shell Thickness 4mm
Inner Coating Velvet Coated Plastic
Net Weight 6kg / 13.2lbs
Trexo Arc Remote Controller
Dimensions 300mm x 180mmx 80 mm (11,8” x 7” x 3,15”)
Weight 1395 gr. /3,15 pound ( with battery)
Accessory Ports 4 x ⅜ - 4 x ¼
Battery 18650 - can be replaced
Battery Life Time 5 hours
Handles & Dash Panel Meterials Carbon Fibre
Case Meterials Delrin
Follow Focus Module
Dimensions 80mm x 39 mmx 41mm
Weight 70 gr. / 0,16 pound
Gear 0.8 module
Motors High Torque Step Motor
Case Meterials Aluminium
Gears Meterials Plastic
No Cable Restritions

Trexo Arc can rotate 360° on the pitch, yaw and roll axises, which allowes the camera to move on an endless loop on the Gimbal without any restrictions.

Upside Down Stand

Trexo Arc can be placed upside down position on it’s included stand.

Accessory Ports

Trexo Arc has 2 (1/4 and 3/8 threads) ports for mounting production accessories such monitors and wireless transmitters.


Included Joystick can be mounted on right, left or top handle with respect to users choice and.

Included Hardcase

It’s easy, secure and comfortable to carry the whole system in one piece with the spill and shock proof included hardcase.

180 Rotating Handles

With the help of the 180 degree rotating handles, Trexo Arc can be personalised comfortably to extend the users shooting duration.

Stronger Yaw Moyor

Yaw motor is designed 3 time stronger than the regular motors which makes the Trexo Arc much more stable powerful.

Built In Encoders

Built in enconders makes Trexo Arc energy efficient and precise like never before.

Dedicated App

With Trexo Arc’s dedicated Application, users can create profiles for different setups and fine-tune their settings.

Trexo Arc with Hardcase

w/ included Hardcase

Price: 1,799.00 $ Discount: 1.799,00 $


Spare Battery

Price: 175,82 $

Trexo Arc Remote Controller


Price: 1.060,82 $

Follow Focus Module


Price: 258,42 $